Great Designer

As president of Divergent Marketing, I would like to highly recommend Ms. Niti for your position of Graphic Design. My company has had the pleasure of utilizing Niti’s graphic design skills on a free-lance basis for over fifteen years on a variety of marketing projects that include direct mail pieces, website design, product catalogs, sales flyers, business stationary, posters & designs for imprinted apparel.
Among the valued skills I have seen Niti continually demonstrate on our projects include:
● Creativity in aiding generation of project concepts and objectives.
Innovative layouts and use of color schemes to help make marketing messages stand out.
● Photo editing to enhance and make pictures a focal point in project schemes.
● Technological fluency on needed graphic design software programs and web-based applications.
● Dependability as project deadlines & project goals have always been met and within budget.
● Exceeds expectations with her attention to detail and providing ample design concepts to pick from.
Overall, I have found her excellent workmanship to be a vital component in the success of our marketing materials. Should you need any further information regarding Niti and her work completed for Divergent Marketing, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bill Rexer, CEO Divergent Marketing